"We assist seekers with technology to clear trauma from lifetimes and access frequencies that tap into the Akasha Record"

Healing Stress Center has the intention of bringing awareness to the role that the Frequency of the Body's "Energy Field" has in relation to Health and Immunity.

  "Frequency Medicine" tools are as Albert Einstein and Nikola Tesla reported, the breakthrough "future of Medicine"  

  We offer classes, workshops and retreats of experiential processes and technologies into higher states of consciousness.

This is your call to make up your mind to act NOW!

If you open your mind to me, you won't rely on open eyes to see"
"The walls you've built come crashing down and a new world will appear"


Marlon Dean

Healing Facilitator, Bio-feedback tech/therapist
Intuitive Spiritual Guide"Angel Entertainment Channel"
Personal Trainer"Introspect Workshops"
Chairman for Ronald Reagan, & UT House Rep
 Freemen Institute... Heritage Foundation
Center for the New Age Sedona Arizona
Entreprenuer Self Employed/Owner Operated Businesses

 (801 682 5337)

Take a timeout to experience a state of frequency attunement!
We offer a space to clear and heal in crystal bowl guided mediated session.
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 "Discover your disease potentials" 

 Full Bio-Feedback sessions run one hour and 1/2
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We offer the tools to clear past trauma from lifetimes to access the corrective frequencies to create "The life you were born to live!
"There is nothing worth the price of giving up"peace of mind"     Marlon Dean
Nothing happens, or takes the place of
"making up the mind" 
Max Skousen

Hello is there anybody in there? Is there anyone home? Can you show me where it hurts? You are only coming through in WAVES... I can ease the pain, get you on your feet again. Just the basic facts. Just a little prick, do you feel a little sick? You would not understand, this not how I AM... you see, I have become, comfortably numb! 
Pink Floyd
It's about you and me together, it's about peace, and it's about plenty, and it's about time!  John Denver

Level of Stress


Frequency balance desired


Integratipon potential


"The days the earth stood still"


Discover and connect with the Oneness within the sea of energy. See through the habits, spring clean my conditioning and ask, what have I not made time for? IT'S ABOUT TIME! Self Exploring, I ground my energy, I walk into nature.
Activate my alchemy and come into the fullness of my deep spiritual core to discover the transcendent moment.
I am grateful for peace and joy in my life, and love the opportunity to remember my alignment. A world transformed by “the days the earth stood still” as the time I came to realization for the awakening to choose “The life I was born to live. I Love with intention which cures ALL my fear. Opening the heart path, in this time of transformation, I give the desire of my heart, knowing I will become that.

"There's so much we take for granted, there's so much we never say, we get caught up in the motion of just living day to day. We are batterd by the future, and are prisoners of the past, and we never seem to notice until our life just somehow slips right through our grasp">
"MAGIC EVERY MOMENT"> (click here)

I sit and observe, and choose to act upon my fear, knowing it is the path to walk into my blessing of awareness. Rooted in the heart... may today be an opportunity to feel more peace and joy through the blessings I find and share. I am grateful, I am excited to see.... Aligned with the highest I AM and taking this moment to see myself as the being within the body. A doorway for transcending “the death” process of my change. Loving myself through every change, shift, and awakening of conscious awareness. A new world being born within the depths of my heart. Stepping forward in this moment of uncertainty, as an opportunity to discover my renewal and rebirth. I surrender the beliefs from my past trauma and emotional pain. I release feelings of not being worthy. I ask to have my akosha record now reflect that I am no longer defined by a life I presupposed to be, and the resentment and mourning associated with it. I now ask the deep emotional patterns to be taken and filled with peace as I am walking purposefully into"The Life I was born to live."I allow the orchestration to now begin to bless me with the gifts available in my new path on the journey of surrender. Learning to grow and renew, in order to step into my new life of intention, and loving myself through the shift in consciousness. 
Asking, knocking, seeking to know if the second coming of Christ, is an inner process that I am now engaging from within myself?
"A blessing hitherto unknown"


How It Works?

Your Pineal Gland is the receptor for attuning to the frequency that will access your inner guidance. When activated it may source what some refer to as"Christ Consciousness"or the I AM portal.
Meditation and other tools can access the frequency of the Pineal.
Creating alignment of the"chakras"of the energy field by opening of the"crown"and"third eye"to focus on the"heart chakra"are part of the process. The people of the world are being prepared to shift from a three dimensional, to a fourth dimensional consciousness. That is from control and fear to Heart centered consciousness.
Religion or any"dogma/belief"is held in the left brain, anchored in the right brain, and unfortunately blocks access to"further light" because of"judgment"or the need to be right. The "Tree of Knowledge of good and evil"must be consciously abandaned, in order to manifest experiencial opening to the portal of"The Tree of Life"  Love is an actual frequency that permeates from the electro magnetic waves from the heart. When the pineal is activated the heart responds and access is granted into frequencies of the highest source of Love and Light."The light of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light"matthew 6: 22 "Shine for Me" jon anderson 
Be the light, for once be sure. You are the sound of Love and Light!
Once you have seen, be Awake to this life song.

This is a surrender process because it requires removing barriers of the Ego which includes every single belief and subsequent judgment you have anchored into your feeling right brain. It is an opening starting with acceptance, grounding in the moment, alignment/healing, and attunment. All of the work is about balancing frequencies in your energy field so the static is cleared out.
You will be guided through all of these steps in your sessions.

Your session may include bio-feedback and other healing processes to assess what energetic blocks are present. Part of biofeedback will determine what periods of your life have anchored the biggest trauma so as to guide us for direction in the healing process. Most beings seem to be born with attachments. Feelings buried alive may be accessed and healed in order to release repeating negative patterns, clear your energy field and to allow you to have greater allignment of the heart. 

Most of the writings in the Bible and religious texts are parables or revelations by association. You will be asked to direct us by choosing the"message by association"cards that you are drawn to for your session. The facilitator like"a patriarch"acts as a guide for revealing the messages.
In rare instances if there is a clear access, the portal is directed through the eyes which are"the mirrors of the soul". normally messages will come through the parable cards which are sourced by your intuition. In the guidance direct questions can be asked, however be aware that other doors may first have to be opened and addressed. Many questions are put to rest because most of the time we recieve direction on a"need to know"timeline. Ask yourself if your questions are about","what isn't happening, or what you really don't need to know right now?"Most of us have questions about"what we really don't need to know, or we would! What you most likely will receive is direction on exactly what you know you need to know! That is, what will address the shift in my subconscious mind to handle my resistance to becoming all I know that I am. In the instant you have that realization, your Ego melts away, and you are left standing in your magnifient perfection, speaking a new yet familiar language.
The facilitator is in the process of writing and publishing"Christ Consciousness"parable cards. Opening up the portal to"The Angel Entertainment Network"is a highly spiritual, emotional, and more times than not a mind altering experience for facilitator and seeker.

The awakening process and ongoing guidance purpose is to bring more fullfillment and joy into your experience. We will be offering workshops to assist in the healing and awareness process. For those who have backgrounds in the LDS church, and those who would like to have understanding of that perspective, we have special workshops available.
Max Skousen is a Mormon author who I worked with in a personal development workshop called"Introspect"His first book"How to pray and stay awake"became a classic.
I assisted him with my printing and publishing business for some of his other books","Looking beyond the mark"," Finding the mark","within the framework of"A blessing hitherto unknown" We will be re-activating the workshops, and offering his teachings which all are about a vision of moving from"The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil"in order to receive the blessings of"The Tree of life"Alma is one like Lehi who focused his most endearing language into growing"The Tree of Life"in the heart. Max's great desire and vision was to have his work assist in the transformation in removing the blocks of"scourge and judgment"that Benson spoke of, and processes that would open up the seeker to experience"a blessing hitherto unknown"a perfect knowing of the Love and Light of Christ! The transcendent experience of becoming"One with all that is!" Max and I have both experienced this blessing.

How does Bio-feedback work?


Marlon Dean took a sabbatical in 1999 in Sedona Arizona where he worked in “The Center for the New Age"as an intuitive spiritual counselor. From a very early age he experienced what he now refers to as “The Angel Entertainment Network” and has had many experiences that has drawn him into higher states of consciousness and inner dimensional states of being. He has also worked as a facilitator for healing, expanding spiritual awareness, and being part of the awakening processes.

 Our Intention is to use the background in healing and spiritual experiences to release limitations and to move into a more expansive awareness in love and joy. The timeline for opening up space for healing stress January 2020 is an example of the"Angel Entertainment Network"syncronization experiences. The pandemic stress and subsequent earthquake from a build up of stress is an obvious huge metaphor.

 The recent unrest, protest, and riots are another call to move into the direction of higher awareness rather than to get caught up in the sadness, anger, and stress that has been created. It is another opportunity to be the answer to respond in Light and Love for the unresolved past abuse and suffering that has been carried forward. This country has a division that has split us almost in half. I invite everyone who has a sense of hopelessness to turn your focus. Healing Stress Center is life work to assist individuals to bring past trauma and emotional conflict to balance.

 We all seem to carry baggage from the past which creates issues in relationships and blocks experiencing joy and peace. Our unique Bio Feedback technology allows us the ability to detect out of balance frequency ranges to then attune and assist in the processes of healing the issues detected. Stress, whether emotional, physical, or mental, creates imbalance and inflammation leading to shutting down the immune system and then disease begins. In working with individuals, we have discovered through the biofeedback technology that many conflict stresses have timelines that are formed within the trimester periods in the womb. We have even worked with people who can recall past life trauma and subsequent conflict stress and deep seated beliefs associated with them that are carried forward. Feelings buried alive must be brought into awareness and healed. Once the intention is set and mind is made up, then empowerment processes can heal the past trauma.
 We have many processes or healing modalities to work the past trauma and belief associated with it. What if this lifetime is the opportunity to release and surrender, and move into a state of transcendent consciousness? to spiritual consciousness. As we find a way to come to acceptance of what is, please allow yourself to come to peace and direct your energy inward. The entertaining aspect of the Angel dropping his trumphet in the earthquake brings up all kinds of fun metaphors!"Somebody blew it!"Just when we were earthquake proofing???

The following are the works of Authors that will be referenced within upcoming workshops!

From healing to expanded consciousness

Areas that everybody needs assistance in:

STRESS KILLS!  Stress weakens the immune system to the point that any virus, or inherant potential for disease can invade our body. Fight or flight diminishes our body's defense.
Healing Stress is everybody's work.
Stress in the earth creates earthquakes.
Stress in our bodies creates inflammation that leads to pain and disease. Most of the beginnings of Stress occur from fear centered beliefs that are created from experiences of trauma.
Trauma is mosly associated in our emotions.
Our feelings are triggered from past beliefs that are in many cases illusions rather than actual.
Feelings buried alive never die, but like earthquakes come to us when stress gets to a breaking point. There are also many cases where these stress points are either part of the birth process, or even before the birth. Not feeling worthy, accepted, rejection, and other negative emotional responses create ongoing patterns that limit a happy, joyus life.

The Healing Stress Center is available to assist you with processes that can clear fixed limited beliefs. Awareness and expanded states of consciousness replace these limitations.

  • L. I. F. E. Bio-feedback
  • Shockwave Therapy
  • Kinesiology
  • "The Work"of Byron Katie
  • The Healing Codes
  •  Intention/Imagination/Attraction
  • Teachings of Matt Khann
  • Teachings of Max Skousen
  •  Crystal bowl frequency balancing
  • Teachings of John Randolf Price
  •  EFT Emotional Freedom Tech-
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    Max Skousen

    How to pray and stay awake

    Looking beyond the mark

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